TD-6301 Three-phase Sinusoidal Power Source

TD-6301 is a three-phase programmable sinusoidal power source, designed based on MCU digital control inverter and analog electronic technologies. It is specifically for power energy meter accuracy test, and programmable control test applications.


  • For electric energy meter functional and accuracy test.
  • Can be used in laboratory for R&D and meter maintenance service.
  • For integrated Meter Test Platform as a programmable power source.


  • Single-phase input and three-phase output, generating three phase pure sinusoidal power.
  • Enough monitoring measures providing safe operation.
  • Independent three phase voltages and currents.
  • Parameters can be set via front key board, or by programmable control via its RS-232 port.


Parameters Effective value (AC) Notes
Voltage/phase 3x30V ~ 3x280V 100VA/per phase (max) adjustment fineness: 0.01%
Current/phase "0.01A~100A (120A max)
200VA/per phase (max.)" adjustment fineness: 0.01%
Phase shift range 0-360° adjustment fineness: 0.1°
Frequency 45Hz~65Hz adjustment fineness: 0.01 Hz
Output waveform Sinusoidal distortion: voltage <1%
Output with harmonics 3-21 odd harmonics available Total harmonics <40%
Output stability index < ±0.05%
Load characteristic Resistive or inductive
Power supply 220V ±10%,50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 700VA/max
Dimension 480mm*200mm* 550mm 19-inch rack/ 4U
Weight <30kg Cables not included
Accessories Cables for voltage/current 3 colors(R/G/Y), 10*1.2m
TP-USB USB接口电表光电头