TP-16 Optical Scanning Probe for Portable Test Instrument


  • TP-16 is specially designed for portable test instrument, can be used on-site or under sunshine environment.
  • TP-16-PRS and TP-16-PWS are designed with dedicated connector to comply with the pin- out specs of PRS1.3 & PWS1.3 respectively.


Light sense:TP-16 optical scanning probe can sense both light and IR pulses emitted by LED, and convert them to electric pulses.
Power supply:DC 12-24V
Output pulse:Positive electric pulses
Outlet cable:Straight cable with 3M
Fastening:Magnetic adhesion
Mechanical:Impact ABS housing
Connector:Optional item from Table of Connectors for Optical Scanning Probes
Probe Fixture: TP-GS fixture can be used for probe fastening onto any type of meters.
TP-16 Optical Scanning Probe for Portable Accuracy Test Instrument