TP-17 Optical Scanning Probe with Duplex-function

TP-17A Multi-function Optical Probe has been designed for accuracy testing of both Ferraris and static meters.


  • Can be used for both Ferraris and statistics meters accuracy testing, functions switching by push button.
  • Can be used as accessory for test bench, or portable instrument on-site application.


  • TP-17A: Normal version
  • TP-17B: with sensitivity adjustment
  • TP-17C: a new version released in 2015 with sensitive adjust knob, and attached to the new fixture of TP-GS2.


Power supply:5V/12VDC.
Connector:Optional item from Sample List of Connectors for Scanning Probes

Note: All TP-17x must work with TP-GS Versatile Fixture as supporter.

TP-17 Optical Scanning Probe with Duplex-function