TP-232 Optical Probe for Meter Communication

In 2002, Tespro designed its first toptical probe, TP-232. TP-232 powered from RS232 port without battery. In on-site application, Tespro optical probe has been proven more convenience and reliable


  • TP-232-IEC
  • TP-232-ANSI-N: Compatible with ANSI C12.18 (Normal Standard)
  • TP-232-ANSI-S: Compatible with ANSI C12.18 type two, 2007(Sub-standard)
  • TP-232-ANSI-U: Compatible with ANSI C12.18 (Universal, can be switched between N and S)


  • IEC 62056-21 standard
  • ANSI C12.18-1996 & 2007 standard
  • EIA232E standard
Interface:Infrared optical
Connector:RS232-DB9 integrated connector
Power:From RS232 port, no battery required
Maximum B.R.:Up to 38400bps
Fastening:Strong magnetic adhesion complied with IEC62056-21 or ANSI C12.18
Cable:2 meters straight cable(6.5 feet)
Enviroment:-15°C ~ 80°C (5°F - 176°F)


Extended Temp. Cable:-35°C ~ 80°C (-31°F - 176°F)
Spiral cable is available.
Cable:Extended length upon request

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TP-232 Optical Probe