TP-BT Bluetooth Optical Probe

TP-BT is a new series of Tespro optical probe family. It works with all Bluetooth enabled devices.


  • TP-BT-IEC: Complied with IEC62056-21 standard
  • TP-BT-ANSI-N: Complied with ANSI C12.18 standard
  • TP-BT-ANSI-S: Complied with ANSI C12.18 optical type two standard


Bluetooth: Complied with 4.0/2.1
Meter protocol: Complied with IEC62056-21 or ANSI C12.18
Distance: 10 Meters
Battery: Supports 24 hours operation when battery in full.
  • LED red: Indicating battery in charging
  • LED green: Indicating power on and the energy available in battery
  • LED Blue: indicating communication state
Maximum B.R.:Up to 38400bps
Fastening:Strong magnetic adhesion complied with IEC62056-21 or ANSI C12.18

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TP-BT-IEC/ANSI Bluetooth Optical Probe