TP-GS Versatile Probe Bracket (Patented)

TP-GS Versatile Probe Bracket is used for scanning probe fastening onto energy meters. TP-GS was invented by Tespro and can be widely used in accuracy test for both Ferraris and electronics meters.


  • TP-GS08 (1st Generation)
  • TP-GS2 (2nd Generation)


  • Fastening to meter by two side-plates, it can be moved up and down along the meter
  • Adaptable almost all shapes of meters, square or round, big or small
  • Adjustable to different width of meter from 100 to 180mm
  • Provide magnetic adhesion to scanning probes
  • Provide mechanical adhesion to scanning probes
  • Probes can be moved along left/right freely
  • Made of insulation material, which ensures safety and portability
TP-GS Versatile Probe Bracket