TP-PDA Optical Probe for Hand Held Devices

TP-PDA is a series of probes designed with special connectors, able to work with all popular hand-held digital devices. It is widely used in the on-site meter reading.


TP-PDA-IEC-DP97 for Dolphin 9700
TP-PDA-ANSI-DP97 for Dolphin 9700
TP-PDA-IEC-MC75 for Motorola MC75xx
TP-PDA-ANSI-MC75for Motorola MC75xx
TP-PDA-IEC-iPad for Apple iPad
TP-PDA-IEC-T for Tespro TA-262, IEC standard
TP-PDA-IEC-645 for Tespro TA-262, DLT/645 standard
TP-PDA-IEC-HTTP for Zhenzhong HHU Model 900
TP-PDA-IEC-HTTJfor JieBao HHU Model 9800/A188


Connector: With specific connector compatible with PDA terminal.
Powered: From PDA terminal port
Cable: 1.5m
Environment: Operating temperature: -15℃~80℃ (5°F ~ 176°F)
Maximum B.R.:Up to 38400bps
Fastening:Strong magnetic adhesion complied with IEC62056-21 or ANSI C12.18


On customized orders compliant with specific PDA welcome.