Table of Connectors for Optical Scanning Probes

In accuracy test optical scanning probes are connected to the socket on the bench or portable instruments. As the sockets varies from different brands of test equipments, Tespro provides different connectors for TP11, TP14, TP15, TP16 probes, so as to meet the requirements for all customers.

Take TP-16-xy for example:

TP-16 X Y
Probe model name Number of pins of the connector Type of connector

For example: for TP-16, if you choose the first connector(5 pins) in the following table, then the full model name is TP-16-5a.

Table of connectors for optical probes:

Item Identifier of the connector Appearance of the plug Reference
1 xy=5a
2 xy=4b
3 xy=6c PS2
4 xy=4c
5 xy=5b
6 xy=4d
7 xy=5d
8 xy=5e PRS 1.3
PWS 2.3
9 xy=7f
10 xy=3g PWS 1.3